Coffeebrewer 5pcs Gift Box Assortment – the Travel Coffee Box

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If you have ever wondered what is the compromise between the high-quality coffee and convenience, then an answer to that question is simpler than you think: The CoffeeBrewer..

The Coffeebrewers are the single estate specialties, which provide numerous coffee flavors from different growers all over the world. To increase the CoffeeBrewer experience, our roasters each day make sure, that the CoffeeBrewer has its desired strength and top quality.

Its unconventional shape, package, and concept of brewing coffee in the bag, shake the customer perception about the coffee and give you a freedom to enjoy a gourmet coffee experience regardless of place and situation. The CoffeeBrewer can be utilized in a traditional way at home, or at the office, but can be also taken outside, creating an amazing outdoor, takeaway experience. Its simple formula of “Open&Brew&Serve” can’t make drinking coffee any easier, so you’ll be able to carry the CoffeeBrewer bag around, whenever and wherever you wish to have. it is suitable for pour-over, steeping or cold brew technics. No special gear needed – only hot or cold water. How simple is that? But wait, it gets even more exciting. Bear with me. .

The CoffeeBrewer Gift Assortment Box consists of 5 CoffeeBrewers from 5 different regions and serves 5 different volume tastes, from medium organic hand-roasted gourmet coffee from Honduras, Guatemala, and Ethiopia, strong medium Columbia to the strong Brazilian one. This is a perfect and very tasteful gift item, that provides a perfect solution for traveling, great holiday coffee, and brilliant for sharing a special moment. The affordable luxury for home and work use. The perfect coffee kit, surprise, and present for any coffee lover. Because who doesn’t need to be spoiled by something new and different?

5 Single estate specialty coffee from Honduras, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Colombia and Brazil
20-22g freshly roasted real premium coffee grounds provided in a portable bag, not instant, no GMO
Hybrid between the pour over and French press coffee – Suitable for pour-over, steeping or cold brew technices. No special gear needed – only hot or cold water
Open, Brew & Serve – perfect for the indoor and outdoor use like a camping kit or shuttle
Gift Box – Novelty Christmas Gift- for Coffee Lovers, women, mothers, men, fathers, friends, that enjoy gesture of sympathy of the unique, inspirational idea of the Coffeebrewer