Old Spice Whitewater Deodorant Body Spray For Men, 150 ml, 6 Packs

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Size:6 Pack

It is regularly said that water is the most powerful element on this planet. Though said regularly, this remark is false because water is neither an element nor as powerful as uranium-235. But still, Old Spice White-water scent is a very fresh scent in keeping with scientists. No less than those who know the way to smell good. Old Spice deodorant lets you eliminate body odor and armpit smell. So grasp Old Spice body spray today and prove that this refreshing fragrance is a missing link in equation of manliness.

Old Spice deodorant spray unleashes your Wild Side all day long
Old Spice knows eliminate body odour
Anti-white marks & anti-yellow stains protection
Fragrance for men who like to feel confident in any situation