Trend CSB/16048 Craft TCT Circular Saw Blade, 160mm x 48t x 20mm


Price: £11.99(as of Oct 15,2020 04:33:47 UTC – Details)

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Price: £11.99
(as of Oct 15,2020 04:33:47 UTC – Details)

This sawblade from Trend Routing Technology is intended to be used in a portable or stationary sawing machine and particularly good in plunge saws. The Craft Pro tungsten carbide tipped panel/ trimming sawblades have a triple chip tooth design and are designed for a super fine finish in particle board, boards veneered on both sides, plywood, MDF, chipboard, laminated one-sided veneer, and hardboard. With more teeth, which is preferred for cutting across the grain of hard and soft wood, this saw blade provides a finer finish and a slower feed rate. Quality carbide tips also offer high wear resistance. This power tool accessory is compatible with all sawing machines, though bushing washers may be required for some models. A reamed bore to ensures that the saw blade has a precise fit to the spindle. This saw blade has a diameter of 160 mm, is 2 mm thick, and has 48 teeth. The max RPM for this blade is 10,000.

PRECISION REAMED BORE: 20mm diameter with an additional 16mm bushing washer supplied to suit a comprehensive range of mains powered saws on the market
PREMIUM FEATURES: 15-degree hook, 2.4mm kerf, and 10-degree ATB (Alternative Top Bevel) tooth pattern ensures fast, crisp and clean cuts across multiple materials
TOUGH CONSTRUCTION: The Trend blade utilises a high grade alloy steel plate, hardened and tempered to maintain flat and true performance for assured accuracy and longevity
DURABLE TIPS: Premium quality Micro-granular Tungsten Carbide tips are silver brazed and precision ground for high-end performance and edge retention across the board