8 Ounce (227 grams) Dried seafood large-sized scallop meat from China Sea


Price: £43.00(as of Nov 22,2020 01:49:11 UTC – Details)

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Price: £43.00
(as of Nov 22,2020 01:49:11 UTC – Details)

Origin: China Sea, including North, East or South China Sea. Net Weight and item name are shown on product title with the name of scallop. This seafood is lightly sweet, mildly salty and neutral in nature. It is a common and precious dried seafood in Asian countries. It has a high nutritional value. Cooking way: 1. Soak it into clean water till it gets softened. Take away small sands if any, refresh water after some time, take it out. 2. Put it into boiling water for 30 minutes with scallions and ginger to remove any unfavorable smell, switch off and let the water gets cold under room temperature. Get ready to cook with other ingredients. Storage Conditions: Clean, Ventilating, Dry Place. You are highly recommended to consult your health care adviser prior to ingesting. Seafood is from China Sea, North China sea and East China sea are surrounded by China and other East Asian countries. South China Sea is a very famous seafood hunting field, surrounded by China and South East Asian countries. Seafood harvested here is always wild, natural and fresh without pollution. Seafood is nutritious and good for your health. We dry, process and pack the seafood, sell it to all over the world. Welcome to buy this dried seafood from us, thanks.

Product is from China Sea, lightly sweet, mildly salty and neutral in nature
Delicious and tasty seafood
All is 100% natural dried, good as nutrition food
Sea food is suitable for all cuisine, like English, Italian, French, German, Japanese, American and Spanish cuisine