Go Gourmet Asian BBQ Rub and Seasoning – for Finger-Licking Pork Ribs, Chicken Wings and Chips – Adds a Spicy, Tangy Flavour to Your Meals – Barbecue Seasoning or Meat Marinade – 250g Bulk Bag


Price: £7.49(as of Nov 16,2020 17:01:14 UTC – Details)

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Price: £7.49
(as of Nov 16,2020 17:01:14 UTC – Details)

Go Gourmet’s Asian BBQ dry rub has the potential to create unforgettable meals. The combination of spice, salt and garlic in one meat seasoning tickles your taste buds with a hot, tangy flavour. Use as a spice rub to add zing to sticky beef short ribs and chicken wings or sprinkle on roasted veg.
A fiery, tangy-sweet flavour with a kick of garlic that’s reminiscent of the spicy sriracha sauce you’ll find on tables of Asian restaurants. For the most authentic touch use on chicken and pork. You’ll be crowned “Master Chef” at your next barbecue or grilling session!
About Go Gourmet
Go Gourmet is a new gourmet retail brand by AP Fine Foods based out of Kildare, Ireland. Their delicious spice mixes, BBQ rubs and marinades were created with the home chef in mind to make mealtime easy, delicious and effortless. Why not try a BBQ seasoning rub, They also make great foodie gifts.
AP Fine Foods’ experience with quality ingredients in the food industry goes way back to 2013. Their first company Outdoor Oinks focuses on fresh pork products from pigs that are given freedom to ramble inside and out. They supply pork and bacon with guaranteed quality and consistency. ​​They later created The Hoghouse Pinchos – powerful bites of protein with a huge flavour hit.
✅ SPICY SWEET & SOUR FLAVOUR: A spicy concoction of chillies, garlic, vinegar, sugar and salt adds a cheeky hot kick to your BBQ meat and vegetables
✅ USE ON EVERYTHING: We LOVE this as a rib rub, but you can experiment with a chicken marinade or use as a seasoning powder for veggies
✅ ASIAN INFLUENCE: Sick of traditional spice rubs? Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Savour in flavours inspired by Asian cuisine
✅ NO PRESERVATIVES: Just wholesome ingredients with no artificial colours or preservatives. Vegan, fat-free and blended in the UK