Kraft Paper Roll – Happyroom 45cm*52m Wrapping Paper for BBQ Beef Briskets with FDA Food Grade Roast Goose Turkey Meat Wraps Smoking Paper for Xmas Christmas Day(2)


Price: £26.99(as of Nov 17,2020 12:41:10 UTC – Details)

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Price: £26.99
(as of Nov 17,2020 12:41:10 UTC – Details)

Please note: In order to make the use of butcher paper more widely, the thickness of our butcher paper is 0.14mm. The thickness of 0.14mm can be better applied to gift packaging, and it is easier to wrap food (if the paper is too thick, it is not easy to fold and wrap your food) PS: When you want to wrap your barbecue with butcher paper, please use more A few layers of paper to ensure that the paper will not be soaked by the oil of the barbecue.
Fully Microwaveable this paper won’t risk fire like some lighter materials do. Great for wrapping foods you want to microwave without the usual mess. Also works well in the freezer and refrigerator for preserving meats, fish, and vegetables. We make this paper available in a variety of sizes. Choose the one that best meets your needs.
FDA APPROVED This paper roll is 100 percent FDA approved to ensure its food safety.Natural Unbleached Combination: The kraft paper roll is 100% natural material, unbleached and unwaxed, safe for health
Quality and coating: the paper is recycled, strong, smooth and does NOT have any coating or waxing treatment. It’s unwaxed, can hold ink and resist humidity fairly well.
Works for all occasions: wrapping paper, packing paper, make a canvas for the kids, tablecloths, protect your floor and furniture, bird cages. The options are infinite.