Protea South African BBQ Rub – Contains Rooibos with Mild, Earthy and Sweet Flavours – Ideal as a Rub or Marinade for Meat, Poultry or Sweet Potatoes – 90g


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Price: £7.00
(as of Nov 17,2020 21:31:07 UTC – Details)

Product Description

spice blendsspice blends

sprinkle spicessprinkle spices

Sprinkle in the flavour.

Our huge range of spice blends bring the flavours of world cuisines to your finger tips.

Ideal for meat, vegetarian and fish dishes alike. Whatever the dish, a sprinkle or spoonful of our versatile, quality spices will add deliciousness and authenticity.

magic cook chef spices pot

magic cook chef spices pot

spice blends harissa curry baharat garam masala

spice blends harissa curry baharat garam masala

no salt no sugar additive free

no salt no sugar additive free

Add a little magic to your meals.

Easy to use, versatile and delicious. These are the three key points we bear in mind when developing our spice blends.

Firstly – easy to use – We have created our blends using spices from the regions they represent and put them all in one jar. No need to search, grind and mix. We have done it for you. Just add, on average, about one teaspoon per portion to your cooking.

Secondly – versatile – It may say curry, it may say tagine, it may say paella, but effectively these blends are seasonings. Use them as the bases for curries or stews, rub them on meat or fish, add them to vegetables or soups. The limit is down to imagination. Just work your own magic.

Thirdly – delicious – Well, we know what we think, let us know what you think.

Over 45 different blends to choose from.

This is what we mean by “Travel the world from your kitchen”. We have developed over 45 different spice blends based on cuisines from all over the world.

Experience the flavours of Japan and China, the regions of India and South Asia. Savour those of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean.

All by adding a little of one of our blends to your chosen dish. The combinations are seemingly endless and the journey a sheer joy.

Our blends contain only spices and herbs.

We like pure and simple with great flavours and only use natural products in our hand blended mixes.

We leave out all the artificial additives found in so much of our food and blend just quality spices and herbs.

Also, we don’t add salt and sugar. This is not a crusade on our part, but a realisation that different people have different requirements.

Most people have salt and sugar in their cupboards and so we leave it to you to decide if you wish to add it.

USES – Delicious with any meat but especially beef, lamb and pork. Use as a rub or in a marinade or to season stews, oily fish and root vegetables.
SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS & NON-VEGETARIANS – All our blends are plant-based and can be used in vegetable, pulse, meat and fish dishes.
NO ADDED SALT, SUGAR OR ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS – We only use spices, herbs and other plant-based ingredients in our blends. We leave it up to you to add salt or sugar if you need to.
EASY TO USE & VERSATILE – Our large range of blends are suitable for cooks of all levels. They are created and blended by us for you to easily add world flavours to many dishes. Depending on the dish, we recommend, on average, one teaspoon of spice blend per portion.