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Product Heineken Premium Quality BeerQuantity 24 bottles of 33 CLVol 5,4FeaturesLager produced at low fermentation of light gold color. Taste balanced, delicately malty and hopped aroma. Gradationalcoholic 5 vol, advisable serving temperature 3 C. This Dutch lager, founded in 1864 in a small brewery in the heart of Amsterdam today it is the product oftip of a brewer group present in 150 countries around the globe, owner of the of 200 beer brands and 125 production sites in 70 countries.The merit of any such growth is for half of the proverbial ‘spiritdutch merchant ship’, as evidenced by the episode that saw in 1933 aheineken charged ship of beer wait for the end of the prohibitionism to theoff the coast of the USA to land its cargoexactly on 11 April the day that put an end to the ban on drinkingspirits. The remaining half of the credit goes to the happy intuition of his founder, Gerard Adriaan Heineken, who made up our minds to move from thehigh to low fermentation for a clearer beer,thirst-quenching and able to last longer a ‘Gentleman’s Beer’able to please everyone, moderately different from the previous ‘Workman’sAle’, or workers’ beer rougher and bitterer.Heineken is a lager beer with barley and hops malt, easy to drink and of clean taste. When poured into the chalice, it is yellow in colourgold, topped with a not too persistent foam. The nose proposesvegetable scents, dominated by hops. In the mouth it is light, with notessweet and fresh you’ll be able to pick the tobacco and a slight hintfloral. The finish is short and dominated by the bitterness of the hops.Heineken will have to be served cold, at a temperature of 6 C in the glasslittle tulip. The low alcohol content 5 vol. and the ease ofmake it ideal to accompany savoury aperitifs, risottos withvegetables, preferably bitter-tasting, and of course the pizza even supposing thesommeliers twist their noses and suggest quite a nice glass ofwhite wine. ”