Zdjelarević Classic Graševina 2013 (Welsch Riesling)


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Price: £13.75
(as of Feb 06,2021 21:01:16 UTC – Details)

Vinarija Zdjelarević was founded in 1985, the first private winery in Croatia. Since then it has been one of the most successful family wineries, which also includes a prestigious hotel overlooking the vineyards, which stretch out from the restaurant terrace. The estate has 38 hectares of vineyards which produce six white grapes and six red grapes to create a large selection of single and blended variety wines. The winery is situated on one of the richest area of continental Croatia within the Slavonia and Danube wine region, to the east of the city of Slavonski Brod in the rural municipality of in Brodski Stupnik. On the north side of the Sava valley, the alluvial clay, with the crushed shells from the ancient Pannonian Sea, provide a highly fertile and structural soil rich in minerals, which together with high temperatures and long warm autumns make almost ideal conditions for growing a wide range of wine cultivar. Graševina 2013 aka Welsch Riesling, is known locally as the ‘Slavonian Wine Queen’, and this Zdjelarević Classic Graševina 2013 from Brodski Stupnik, is amongst the best in Croatia. It has a luxurious and distinctive taste, expressing the aromatically harmonious varietal character type with an aroma of ripe apple and quince. Its elegance is characterised by its complexity as well as freshness and its easy-to-drink quality, distinctive pleasant and with mild bitterness characteristic of the variety. Its elegance is a reflection of controlled ageing of this wine on fine lees for between six months to a year