Osso Menengic Coffee 200 Gr.


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Price: £9.90
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Menengiç which is the main plant of Menengiç Coffee; It is a kind of peanut tree which grows wild in the high parts of Southeastern Anatolia, Central Anatolia and Mediterranean regions. Known as Pictacia Perebinthus in Latin, it grows slowly and grows up to a maximum of 10 meters, depending on the region it grows. Although it grows in all soil types, it gives the best yield in dry and soft soil. Menengiç, blooms in red color and ripe blue / purple color. The matured jaws are collected, washed and then dried. After drying, roasting process is started and roasted like brown until it gets dark brown color. After the normal roasting process, the roasted jaws are crushed until they reach a paste consistency. The oily and granular paste obtained is called Menengiç Coffee. Menengiç coffee does not contain caffeine like other coffees. Because it is completely natural, the benefits do not stop counting. It is good for shortness of breath, vocal cords, airways, stomach, and kidney sand. It also has an aphrodisiac effect. It contains protein, fiber, fat, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin C and vitamin E. It has no known side effects. As with everything else, it is useful to be restrained while consuming this beverage. Unlike Turkish Coffee, Menengiç Coffee is more relaxing and digestive. Pictacia Perebinthus is cooked in the same pot and heavy fire as the Turkish coffee. Two teaspoons of meningic coffee, one cup of milk and sugar are added per cup. The two conveyors are boiled with continuous stirring. Served with nuts and water. It is oily flavored like soft pistachio.