Tassimo Black Coffee Bundle – Costa Americano, Kenco Pure Colombian/Americano Grande, L’Or Classique XL, Jacobs Caffe Crema Classico XL pods – Pack of 5 (80 Servings)

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Costa Americano

Costa Americano from TASSIMO is a specially crafted blend of coffee beans which might be roasted to perfection to create the similar authentic taste of a Costa Americano coffee, with a fine crema on top.
Cup size: large


Kenco Pure Colombian

TASSIMO KENCO Pure Colombian coffee T-DISC is made with Arabica beans sourced from coffee farms in Colombia. We’re proud to bring you this fruity and balanced blend, in the course of the convenience of your TASSIMO machine.
Cup size: large


Tassimo L’OR XL Classique

Aromatic, wealthy and dark roast and ground coffee create this long, indulgent L’OR XL Classique.
Cup size: large


Jacobs Caffe Crema Classico XL

With the sensible XL cup size you’ll savor the delicious taste of Jacobs Caffe Crema even longer. Enjoy the wealthy taste and velvety golden Crema of Jacobs Caffe Crema classico XL.
Cup size: large


Kenco Americano Grande

Wake up proud of new Kenco Americano Grande – our biggest black coffee yet. Aromatic and expertly roasted, a mug filled with Kenco will for sure get you in the course of the day!
Cup size: large

16 X Costa Americano
16 Drinks X Kenco Pure Colombian
16 Drinks X L’OR Classique XL
16 Drinks X Jacobs Caffé Crema Classico XL
16 Drinks X Kenco Americano Grande