400g of Smoke Cure Mix Salt for Bacon or Ham Will Dry Cure 10Kg of Meat!!

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Why choose our ingredients?

At Butchers-Sundries we only use the finest ingredients in any of our glazes, seasonings and coatings. Most of our blends are blended for us at our group blending plant giving you the most fresh, tasty and prime quality product to be had. Our fresh blends are made daily to verify the most productive flavours and are packed in a food grade 5 layer oxygen permeable vacuum pouch. This not only keeps our ingredients fresher for longer but ensures no contaminants and 100% protection from damage all over transit unlike other cheap alternatives available on the market.

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How do I store any unused Seasoning/Mix/Spice?

Easy, simply pop whats left into an airtight container such as a sandwich box, pop the lid on a store behind a cupboard so it’s out of direct sunlight and away from any heat sources.
400g of Smoke Easicure Bacon and Ham cure mix.
This cure mix contains the necessary ingredients for successful curing i.e. cure and salt to produce traditional style bacon or ham with great colour, texture and a smokey taste! – To every 40g of cure use 1Kg of meat.
Loin or Belly Pork: 100%, 10kg. Easicure Smoke Cure Mix: 4.0%, 400 grams.
1. De-bone and trim loin and belly (or other meat) 2. Ensure curing salt is distributed evenly, particularly in pockets and cavities. 3. Vacuum pack meat. 4. Allow to cure at some point per half inch (13mm) thickness of meat, plus 2 days. 5. Store at 2oC – 4oC. 6. Turn every 2 days. 7. Once curing process is finished, rinse off excess salt and ensure meat is fully dried before slicing and packing. 8. Take care to avoid contact with other meats in fridge to avoid cross-contamination by nitrate.