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Price: £76.00(as of Oct 14,2020 17:19:50 UTC – Details)

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Price: £76.00
(as of Oct 14,2020 17:19:50 UTC – Details)

This product uses the principle of pressure change adsorption. Air is used as a raw material. Zeolite molecular sieves are used as adsorbents to separate oxygen in the air from other gases such as nitrogen. At normal temperature and pressure, a high concentration of oxygen can be continuously separated from the air when the power is turned on.

Product Name: Oxygen machine


Fully intelligent version, automatic power off protection

Size: 13.39 * 7.09 * 12.21 inches

Applicable area: 21-30m2

Style: oxygen therapy

Application: 10-20m3

Ambient temperature: 0-40 ° C

Atmospheric pressure range: 96-106kpa

Air volume: 51-150m3 / h

Oxygen concentration (%): 2L machine, oxygen concentration over 90%, large oxygen flow

Product net weight: 14.33 pounds

Rated power (W): 130W

Applicable voltage: AC220V


1: Negative ion function, 6 million per cubic meter
2: Timing function up to 180min
3: Power saving mode
4: sleep mode
5: Automatic power off protection
6: Infrared remote control
7: Oxygen production
8: System board oxygen function
9: Support 2 people when breathing oxygen
10: Full touch screen control function

The kit includes:
Oxygen machine *1 set

Our machines produce 1L of oxygen per minute, supply more than 40%* 1L / min of oxygen, concentration flow, 60% rh / relative humidity, this product meets European oxygen health standards.
This unit allows you to choose the most comfortable method for different purposes. Suitable for the elderly, children, housewives, altitude sickness patients, pregnant women, students, outdoor athletes, etc.
The machine uses French imported molecular sieves. High concentration of oxygen, negative ion sterilization, compression atomization.
The wise design of the oxygen concentrator: one-button start, horizontal and vertical placement.