Wireless Caregiver Smart Personal Pager System Emergency Care Alarm Call Button Doorbell Nurse Alert System -500+ft Operating Range (1 in 2)


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Price: £22.99
(as of Oct 15,2020 06:17:47 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Patient Alert AlarmPatient Alert Alarm

Idea is for caregiver and patient/elderly/children while calling for help at home.

Patient Alert AlarmPatient Alert Alarm

Pairing Instructions:

1. Press receiver “Signal” button until the LED light turns on

2. Press red call button once to pair with the receiver (Use a screwdriver to open the call button to remove the plastic battery protector tab)

3. The red light will flash to confirm successful pairing

4. The receiver will automatically exit pairing mode

5. The system is ready to use. Repeat process if call button and receiver lose connection

Wireless Caregiver Pager 1 SOS Transmitters & 2 Receivers

Ideal for the elderly sicks to quickly issue a caregiver alarm or medical alert to their nurse or caregiver.

Our Call button and receiver can freely be matched with each other. For Example, 1 button can pair with 2 or more receivers, or 2 or more buttons can pair with the same one receiver and can set the receiver for different ringtones.

Personal Pager System

Personal Pager System

Wireless Caregiver

Wireless Caregiver

Nurse Alert System

Nurse Alert System

Emergency Care Alarm

Emergency Care Alarm

Pregnant Women

Care device for pregnant women or women during the month of confinement after giving birth to a child. Only by pressing the button can meet their demand.

Patients and the Disabled

Since nanny or caregiver can’t always stay with patients or the disabled, what to do when they need help especially during the night? They can get timely and considerate care without yelling by just pressing the button.


It is a very useful calling device for a family with parents and children sleeping in a separate room. In winter, parents can just press the button without getting dressed and getting up.


Mothers who want to exert independence of their children from a young age will not hesitate because they just need to press the button for help.

Why choose HSTYAIG?

Long Range Transmission

Operating range is 500 + feet in the open area.

Easy To Carry Transmitter

It can be put in a pocket or tied around the neck as a pendant (neck strap included).

Mini Design Call Buttons

Push call panic button mini and cute design. Acceptable for fixed in bedside/washing room. Anywhere you want.



Usb Charging

Alarm clock

Expand extra 55 transmitters

LCD screen

MULTIPLE ALERT OPTIONS & BRIGHT ALERT LIGHT: 1. Sound+Light,2. Sound Only,3. Light Only – Bright LED alert light is perfect for those with impaired hearing – System range of up to 500+ ft in open area – 32 melody/alarm sounds to choose ( 23 melody alerts and 9 emergency alerts), 3 level adjustable volume control, and using 16-bit encoding to eliminate interference from other devices
PAIR UP TO CALL BUTTONS WITH RECEIVER – One call button, one receiver (or multiple receivers), call button can be worn as a pendant, carried on pocket, or placed at bedside – Call button is water resistant – Slimline caregiver receiver can be wall mounted, placed near caregiver, or carried in pocket
SYSTEM RANGE OF UP TO 500+ FT :Simple to use two call button alarm/alert system for patient and caregiver – Ideal emergency alarm for elderly or disabled to call for help – Simply press either call button to alert the caregiver via the wireless receiver
24 MONTHS WARRATY: Package Includes:One call button ( CR2032 battery included), one receiver ( AAA batteriesnot included). We ensure 100% Satisfaction and offer a 24-month warranty along with 90-days money back guarantee. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems about the products.