GIOVARA Clear Chair Mat for Hard Floors, 90x120cm (3’x4′), Rectangular, High Impact Strength, Non-Slip, Non-Recycling Material


Price: £31.01(as of Feb 04,2021 14:07:19 UTC – Details)

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Price: £31.01
(as of Feb 04,2021 14:07:19 UTC – Details)

Product Description

hardfloor mathardfloor mat

This genuine quality and complete reliable chair mat made from PVC prevents against wear and tear caused by chair casters(wheels) and delivers virtually unbreakable, clear floor protection and keep carpeted areas pristine. PVC is one of the most reliable material for chair mats with its high impact strength, heat resistance and high transparency.

The multi-purpose chair mat is easy to move and clean, you can make a wide variety of uses in the office and home, such as desk areas, reception areas, high foot traffic hallways, waste bin areas, even in a car trunk to protect your floor, carpet from damage, reducing cleaning cost and time, increasing floor’s, carpet’s lifespan.



hardfloor mat

hardfloor mat



The mat is rolled to reduce packing material for environmental protection.

Please notice that the PVC material may take a few hours to settle for its original shape. Please unfold and place in a warm place overnight to allow the mat to settle up before use, it may take more time in the cold season.

Please note: Feel a bit rough side should be facing up, touch the smooth side should be facing down.

Guaranteed not to crack, chip, break and discolour under normal conditions. Prevent against wear and tear.
Odourless, dirt-resistant and sound absorption.
Rectangular designed, easy to change side and extend its service life.
Non-slip backing provides completely stability and holds the mat in position.