GTHUNDER Memory Foam Seat Cushion – Supportable&Comfortable Coccyx Cushion for Office Chair Car Seat with Anti-Slip Bottom – Black


Price: £16.99(as of Feb 06,2021 18:22:49 UTC – Details)

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Price: £16.99
(as of Feb 06,2021 18:22:49 UTC – Details)

Provides good support for the tail vertebrae and thighs, guides the correct sitting posture, balances the strength of the muscles around the hips, improves sedentary discomfort, recommended products for sedentary workers, long-distance driver tourists, pregnant women yoga meditation, etc.
It’s bearing surface adopts 3D hip shape matching contour, Combined with high-quality memory foam, it can provide good support while maintaining softness.
Removable and machine washable health cloth, clean, breathable and not stuffy. The bottom design of anti-skid particles is safe and stable. The overall fine sutures prevent the thread from falling, and it is durable and does not scratch the skin.

Advanced memory foam, Anti-skid Design – Anti-skid particle design at the bottom, safe and stable. Formulated many times to make the memory foam sink slowly when sitting down, absorb impact force, and provide good support. It also adopts 5 seconds slow rebound technology, seat cushion size is 45 x 38 x 13 cm , memory deformation, allows to cushion the body and avoid the uncomfortable sedentary, enjoy a soft sitting.
Muti-scenario application – The cushion can be widely used in a variety of people who need to sit for a long time, such as office and home workers, pregnant, sciatica patients, car drivers, wheelchair users, airplane. It can also be used as a yoga meditation cushion. You can use this cushion to increase the seat and ease the discomfort of the hip and waist muscles.
Improve sitting posture, Comfortable sitting – A long-term wrong sitting postures such as lumbar spine flexion, crossed legged, etc., are prone to health problems such as Waist discomfort, brachial plexus compression, and numb fingers. This cushion combines the characteristics of 3D hip contour and memory foam material to guide the correct sitting posture, increase the stress surface of the hip, relax the waist muscles, promote blood circulation and eliminate tension and fatigue.
Breathable washable cover, Middle hollow design – The oval hollow in the middle of the cushion, using a light and breathable health cloth, accelerates the air circulation in the cushion, absorbs sweat and breathes, to prevents sultry. Removable quilt cover supports machine wash without fading. No more worry about the cushion being hot and dirty due to long-time sitting.