Tomight Gel Seat Cushion, Cool Gel Cushion, Breathable Lumbar Support Chair Cushion Chair Pad with Non-Slip Cover for Car/Office/Home/Wheelchair


Price: £28.99(as of Feb 07,2021 14:01:11 UTC – Details)

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Price: £28.99
(as of Feb 07,2021 14:01:11 UTC – Details)

Product Description



The New Generation Gel Seat Cushion

Unlike the 1st-generation single-layer vertical structure and the 2nd-generation double-layer vertical structure, the 3rd-generation honeycomb gel cushion is upgraded to a three-dimensional honeycomb design based on the previous generation.

This generation of gel cushion is upgraded to more than 500 balanced pressure and flexible honeycomb grid design.

Designed to extend the use of high elastic gel polymers, it is durable, stretches without deformation at will, has a first-class elasticity, recovers quickly, and has a long service life.


Why Choose a Gel Cushion

Sitting for a long time may make us feel sore coccyx, back pain, numbness of limbs, impassable blood, etc. The air-impermeable cushion will also increase the burden on our buttocks. Using ergonomically designed cushions will help promote blood circulation and reduce pressure on the lumbar spine.

The double-layer honeycomb gel design is suitable for the bending of the buttocks and supports the legs. The shock absorption effect is remarkable, which can reduce the pressure of sedentary to a certain extent.







With Non-slip Cover

The cloth cover is not only increases surface friction and breathable, but also easy to clean.

Release hip pressure

Remove heat from the body, breathable and cool. U-shaped concave cushion, say goodbye to flat butt.

Egg sitter cushion

Eggs will not break under the buttocks, proving that the cushion can disperse weight and pressure.


Pressure Reliving: The advanced column-buckling technology can disperse your weight evenly to reduce the pressure in your hip, coccyx and legs. It is beneficial for reducing the burden on the buttocks, which will give you the most intimate protection.
Strong and Durable: Our high-quality cushion with cold gel material has high elasticity and strong plasticity, which can be folded or extrusion. This design allows you to sit for a long time without deformation.
Wide Range of Applications: Tomight seat cushion is suitable for most kinds of chairs in your office, car and home. It is suitable for people who usually sit for a long time in the office or at home or often have to drive a long distance with hard seat.
Ideal Choice of Exquisite Life: Using this gel seat cushion in summer could be breathable and comfortable. The effect of cooling makes you feel less hot and prevent you from getting sweating and stick to the cushion while sitting for several hours. The excellent seat pad helps to improve your life quality.