Carmencita Ginfusion Botanical ‘Tea Bags’ for Gin 25.5g

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Bringing a boozy new meaning to ‘brew time’, these fabulous Carmencita Ginfusion ‘tea bags’ assist you to infuse your gin with flavourful botanicals, without any floaty bits to ruin the G&T that you have looked forward to all day long.

Packed into Each and every pyramid-style bag is a medley of dried fruit, herbs and peppercorns to reinforce and flavour gin and add a subtle hint of colour with carefully crafted botanical flavour combinations.

  • Ginfusion Floral – has hibiscus as its base flavour, enhanced by the sharp, sweet flavours of dried strawberries and blueberries.
  • Ginfusion Spicy – has warm cardamom tones, paired with zesty orange bark, lemon bark and cinnamon – a perfect partner to orange-flavoured gin.
  • Ginfusion Mystic – has an aromatic root ginger flavour, tempered by sweet orange peel, pink pepper and a subtle hint of orange.

There’s no measuring ‘a little bit of this herb’, or ‘a little bit of that spice’ – or having bits in your drink that get stuck in your teeth or bob around amongst the ice in an annoying fashion – each serving is mingled in the easiest measure. Each and every fine-mesh bag is individually packaged into a foil-lined sachet to seal in the flavours. It is only once you open a sachet that you in point of fact start to experience the unique aromas, and once added to your gin, such a little bags packs a big punch. 9 sachets – 3 Each and every of Floral, Spicy and Mystic.

How to Use.

Pour 50ml gin into a glass, pop in a Carmencita Ginfusion bag and make allowance the flavours to ‘brew’ for about 2 minutes – or longer if you prefer. Take the bag out, add ice, give it a little stir, then top up with about 200ml of your favourite tonic water and enjoy.

25.5g. 9 bags – 3 of Each and every flavour.

Botanical infusion bags for gin in pyramid-shaped teabag-style bags
9 bags in 3 delicious flavours – floral, spicy and mystic
Packed into Each and every bag is a medley of dried fruit, herbs and peppercorns
Simple to use. Pour 50ml into a glass, pop in a Ginfusion bag and brew for about 2 minutes
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Gluten free