Furniture Castor Cups 4 PCS, Rubber Feet Pads Non Slip Furniture Coasters, Chair Leg Floor Protectors Ideal Bed Sofa Wheel Anti-Slip Pad

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Price: £9.89 - £8.89
(as of Nov 17,2020 05:19:11 UTC – Details)

Product Description
✍Size: 7.5cm in Diameter
✍Thickness: 1cm
✍Material: Environmental Protection PVC Soft Glue
✍Weight: 37g
✍Features: Moisture-Proof, Waterproof and Non-Slip
✍Packaging Includes: 4 Furniture Anti-Skid Feet Cups
✍Applicable Wheel Type: The Maximum Applicable Width is 5cm Wheels
✍Applicable Furniture: Sofa, Bed, Wardrobe, Mobile Dining Table, Table, Office Chair, Refrigerator, Piano, etc.
Why Are Such Furniture Castor Cups Needed?
✍1. When your furniture is moved accidentally, it is easy to cause friction with the ground and cause scratches on the ground or furniture. This furniture foot cup can well protect the floor and the furniture from unnecessary friction.
✍2. You choose furniture with wheels, because it means you can easily move these furniture without doing any heavy work. However, when you want the furniture to stand still, you must adjust the furniture repeatedly, which not only wastes time and effort, but also damages the floor.
✍3. The most important point is that the non-slip furniture foot cup helps prevent accidents caused by accidentally sliding the furniture, especially if there are children at home.
✍The concave side of this furniture floor mat is used to fit the furniture casters, and the side in contact with the floor is smooth and has suction. Our product packaging uses two overlapping pads. After receiving the goods, you need to carefully open the two overlapping pads, that is, a set of 4 pads in total.
◐Strong Grip◐-This caster cup uses electrostatic adsorption technology, and its anti-skid and ground grip are excellent. Once the chair or other furniture with wheels is placed on this fixed pad, the caster cup can be well absorbed on the ground, ensuring that any furniture with wheels can be fixed in place.
◐Durable◐-These furniture cups are made of high-quality rubber materials, which are safe and odorless. The caster fixing pad is durable and never breaks, you don’t need to worry about constantly changing the furniture fixing pad, this set is enough for you to use for a long time.
◐Chair Leg Floor Protectors◐-If you have such troubles, some furniture such as beds, sofas and chairs placed on the ground are likely to scratch the ground. With this rubber pads for furniture, there is no need to worry about scratching or damaging the floor. Rubber caster cups with smooth edges are suitable for any type of floor, such as linoleum, laminate, tiles, carpet, wood, etc.
◐Suitable for A Variety of Furniture◐-This furniture castor cup is suitable for most furniture with wheels, like sofa, chair, desk, mobile dining table, dressing table, piano, etc. Each castor cup can withstand a certain amount of weight to lock the furniture or bed wheel and prevent unnecessary movement, while protecting the floor from damage.